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Reviewing and Proofreading

Reviewing and Proofreading

Few people can write high quality documents without at least some polishing before the final version is ready. Effective proofreading and editing ensures documents are written with accuracy and clarity and create a powerful and positive impact.

Too often these stages of writing are ignored. As a result, written information circulates in reports, websites, brochures, correspondence or emails that is confusing, ambiguous or embarrassing.

This half-day course will give you a strategic method of reviewing and a systematic approach to proofreading based on the guidelines in the Australian Government’s Style Manual.

Who is this course designed for?

IPAA Victoria’s Reviewing and proofreading workshop is designed for anyone whose work involves writing original texts or editing documents on behalf of their colleagues. The lessons are universal and applicable to writers and editors across the public sector – as well as interested contractors.

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