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Professional Development Courses

IPAA Victoria runs a variety of professional development courses to suit your career needs. We are renowned for delivering professional development courses which are tailored to meet the needs of people in the public sector. Our courses are delivered by a faculty of professionals with vast public sector experience, covering vital career areas.


Professional Development Courses

IPAA Victoria runs a variety of professional development courses to suit your career needs. We are renowned for delivering professional development courses which are tailored to meet the needs of people in the public sector. Our courses are delivered by a faculty of professionals with vast public sector experience, covering vital career areas.

For more information on each course, please browse our courses below, or look at the course calendar for upcoming courses through to May 2020.

Our Courses

Advanced Presentation Skills

This IPAA Victoria course is designed for regular presenters in the public sector – and particularly those who present with PowerPoint. It aims to help individuals build confidence with their public speaking and presentation skills, and to gain a measurable and immediate improvement in their delivery style.

Analysing and Presenting Data

In this practical full-day workshop, seasoned financial strategist Mark Priadko examines the different purposes and types of data analyses, and presents various time-tested methods for presenting results to specific government audiences. Participants will be introduced to a range of analytical techniques that can help them make the most of the data available to them – and reduce the time and cost of applying their data in the development of evidence-based policy.

Contract Management

Contractual success is more than the writing of, and adherence to, terms and conditions.

Be prepared to enhance your contract writing, management and performance skills as you navigate the world of contracts and how they impact your role and responsibilities.

Diversity and Inclusion

This course is designed for public sector managers and employees who want to build their awareness of diversity and inclusion and its importance for organisational culture. The training equips them with practical tools and language to take safe and constructive action if they witness discrimination in their workplace. It holds special relevance for individuals who want to be proactive in setting organisational culture and gain tools to have difficult conversations that generate goodwill and catalyse learning.

Click on the image to download the full course calendar.

Click on the image to download the full course calendar.

Foundations of Directorship™ for the Public Sector

This is a fundamental program for directors of government-owned corporate entities, as well as executives of those entities and statutory office holders starting on the director journey. It is ideal for executive teams in driving alignment between public sector boards and management.

Gain the Policy Edge

Our renowned 5 day policy intensive. This innovative program is aimed at senior government officers and managers who want to develop their policy skills and leadership potential. It challenges participants to think cleverly about policy.

Grammar and Punctuation

In an era of perfunctory posts and real-time online commentary, grammar and punctuation are often sacrificed in the pursuit of the quick-witted one-liner. But for many government reports and project proposals, good grammar and punctuation hold the keys to a successful document – and having employees who value the conventions of contemporary grammar can be a priceless commodity.

How Modern Government Works

This full-day course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and perspective to work more effectively in government. It holds something of relevance for employees at all levels of the public sector – and has been successfully delivered to people in their first days in government, through to Deputy Secretaries and Executive Directors.

Improve your Decision Making

In your role, your decisions impact not only yourself, but also the lives of others.

Learn about the importance of decision making in relation to your role, and how you can enhance your decision-making skills when adopting an analytical or strategic approach to your work.  


Successful managers use their influence and negotiation skills in every situation. This half-day program outlines effective influencing and negotiation strategies across a variety of situations, with a particular focus on public sector values. 

Integrity and Ethical Leadership Program

The Integrity and Ethical Leadership Program (IELP) is IPAA Victoria’s flagship program. At present, we offer an IELP for senior, experienced leaders, the Senior Executive IELP. To find out more about the IELP suite and the Senior Executive IELP click below.

Making Difficult Conversations Work

This half-day workshop delivers a series of vital ‘life lessons’ on managing and negotiating challenging conversations, which are equally applicable to executives and senior managers as to junior staff who might encounter discordant or contradictory viewpoints in their work. The common nature of these lessons mean they can also be used to help managers develop coaching skills and better influence their employees on behavioural challenges in the workplace.

Managing Budgets and Financial Plans

This full-day IPAA workshop is designed for program managers and project managers with budget and cost centre responsibilities, as well as members of agencies or business unit finance teams who want to improve their budgeting knowledge and skills.

Organisational Change

In this highly engaging and interactive workshop, award-winning communications strategist Jill Calder and business coach Faye Cormick reveal how you can drive change at individual, group and organisational levels – and train your brain to develop resilience during change.

This unique collaboration between IPAA Victoria and SenateSHJ draws on an Australian-first methodology that combines the latest change management wisdom with neurological pathways to critical skill acquisition. By supporting individuals to understand and own their change experiences, this celebrated methodology helps people take the first steps on a journey to genuine and lasting change.

Presenting with Confidence

This course focuses on the skills required to present in a variety of public sector environments, where your audience may be colleagues, managers, committee members, or even ministers. The course is designed to be broad-based and assist participants at all levels to gain immediate and measurable improvements in their delivery styles. Presenting with confidence can also be tailored to specific government teams or subject matter, and delivered in-house if required.

Producing Persuasive Reports and Proposals

This new IPAA Victoria workshop is ideal for anyone in the public sector who is required to contribute to reports, submissions or proposals designed to help others make decisions. Participants who are in the process of drafting reports or business cases can also bring their drafts along to be dissected and discussed.


The rules and legislations surrounding public sector procurement can be as daunting as they are rigid.

This full-day course will have you understanding which policies and procedures relate to your procurement, and how you can best understand what is required to excel within your role.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is critical not only in assessing the effectiveness of our work, but in supporting accountability, improvement and learning. This full-day workshop is targeted at public sector managers, and those who plan, conduct and review programs.

Project Management

IPAA Victoria’s popular Project management course is designed for any public sector employee who is responsible for designing, managing or reporting on projects or programs, as well as grant managers, contract managers, and members of governance bodies. The course provides a refresher on the core practices and terminology of project management, as well as tools and an overarching framework for project management, monitoring, risk assessment, and engagement with sponsors and stakeholders.

Public Sector Writing

Whether you’re new to the public sector or have worked in government for some time, this course is for those who need to develop and fine tune their writing to adapt to the public sector environment. If you want to improve the clarity and impact of your government writing through appropriate structure, style and voice, this workshop will be of benefit to you.

Reviewing and Proofreading

This half-day course will give you a strategic method of reviewing and a systematic approach to proofreading based on the guidelines in the Australian Government’s Style Manual.

Skilled Minute-taking

Skilled minute-taking is a half-day course designed for anyone in the public service whose work might involve compiling minutes of committee meetings, strategic planning forums, team briefings, or other working group meetings.

Speech Writing

Drawing on two decades of experience in ministerial offices and government departments, Dennis Glover delivers a masterclass on the qualities and rich potential of a great public speech. As one of Australia’s most accomplished public sector speechwriters, Dennis will help you research, write and deliver a speech that is at once authoritative, informative, persuasive and compelling.

Stakeholder Engagement

Canvassing and balancing the needs of different stakeholders, keeping communities informed of project progress, providing channels for public feedback and evaluation – all of these are clearly critical to the success of any public sector program. And with declining trust in many government institutions, the need for transparent and respectful public engagement has never been greater. For many years, IPAA Victoria’s Stakeholder engagement workshop has been one of our most popular courses. The reason for its success lies in a combination of the latest ‘science’ of stakeholder engagement, practical real-life case studies – and one of the most respected trainers in the business.

Strategic Planning

This hands-on half-day workshop guides participants through a step-by-step framework for strategic planning, which is specifically geared to solving complex problems in the public sector. Renowned facilitator Dr Dahle Suggett will introduce you to a Strategic Planning Framework that includes effective methods and tools for inquiry, data collection, and building the conditions for collaboration and innovation in a planning team. This practical course uses real-life case studies of strategic planning as its main teaching tool – and requires participants to reflect on their own work in developing strategies as part of a group.

Strategic Thinking

IPAA Victoria’s Strategic thinking course is designed for all levels of public sector managers and project teams, particularly those who may be embarking on a period of change or seeking to build a more collaborative and strategic environment. It holds special relevance for individuals who are about to move into management positions and are seeking strategic skills to complement their existing leadership skills. 

Write Right

In today’s business environment it is vital that your documents are written with clarity and impact to generate the desired results. This workshop provides current best practice based on the guidelines in the Australian Government Style Manual. 

Writing Briefs for Decision Makers

Write professional briefs that take action, and transform ideas.

This half-day course gives an introduction to brief and memorandum writing for ministers or senior executives. This course will become the foundation of strong brief writing skills to convey messages concisely and professionally.