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Successful managers use their influence and negotiation skills in every situation. From obtaining resources and negotiating major contracts, to dealing with colleagues and engaging with stakeholders, influence and negotiation techniques are the tools you need to get results. This half-day program outlines effective influencing and negotiation strategies across a variety of situations, with a particular focus on the influence of public sector values in achieving your objectives.

You will learn how to build behind-the-scenes support for ideas in ways that ensure buy-in and ownership, as well as how to negotiate a course of action to achieve a specific impact.

Also explored during this session will be the importance of developing long-term relationships and how to gain buy-in and support from key internal and external clients or stakeholders. This is a practical course – not a chalk and talk session – which will engage you through active learning techniques aimed at improving your influencing skills.

Who is this course designed for?

If you're a people manager or your role involves working on change management initiatives.

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