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Public Sector Week 2019 - Photo Gallery

Public Sector Week 2019 was a huge success with a week of thought-provoking sessions and events and stimulating conversations around the big questions and challenges facing the public sector in Victoria. We give a huge shout-out to everyone for being a part of the week including the speakers, attendees, our sponsors (EY and the University of Melbourne) and partners (ANZSOG, VGSO, LGPro, and Social Ventures Australia).

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Session 1 - How Can the Public Sector Support Aboriginal Self-determination?

Exploring what does Aboriginal self-determination really mean and how the public sector can best support self-determination to empower Aboriginal communities, to create a new relationship between government and the Aboriginal community and achieve long-term generational change and improved outcomes.

Session 2 - Has Australia Lost its Success Mojo?

An interactive session curated by the Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), about learnings from the new book Successful Public Policy: Lessons from Australia and New Zealand and why our society seems fixated on public policy failures, and whether Australian policy-makers have the capacity to encourage and create future public policy success.

Session 3 - Is Community Engagement a Waste of Time?

Community engagement is often controversial in terms of its ability to shape major funding, service delivery, and impact long-term planning decisions. In some instances, community engagement is successful. In others, it has failed to achieve what is best for the public interest. So, just how do we determine when community engagement should be practiced, and to what extent should the community’s voice influence the role of the decision maker?

Session 4 - The Great Debate: Who is Portrayed Better in Film and Television - (Government) Lawyers or Public Servants?

Brought to you by the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office (VGSO), a diverse panel put forward the case for their favourite fictional lawyer or public servant.

Session 5 - Should We Stop Talking about the Future of Work?

We know the world of work is changing, but we don’t always know how. We know that technology will create opportunities for working differently we cannot even imagine. However, there is much we do know and the public service is lagging behind industry and citizens in capitalising on global megatrends in harnessing the power of digital.

Session 6 - Why Should The Public Sector Care About Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development has long been a concept that remains misunderstood and pigeon-holed as an environmental issue. It’s time to re-invigorate the conversation about sustainable development, what it is, and why it needs to be viewed holistically as a concept that integrates environmental, social and economic issues and outcomes. Can sustainable development really be achieved by the public sector in Victoria?

Session 7 - How can we Navigate Transformation and Disruption in the Public Sector?

Governments and the public sector are confronting a world of unprecedented disruption. In Victoria there are the infrastructure and other pressures from a booming population growth, rising expectations from citizens, increasing expectations of greater efficiencies across the public sector, the NDIS rollout, policy reform in response to numerous royal commissions, social procurement, and more.

Session 8 - Is Merit in the Public Sector a Myth?

This session explored two big issues (1) the practice of appointment on merit and how this socially constructed concept is increasingly recognised as flawed; how do we rethink the idea of what constitutes ‘merit’ in the public sector; and (2) within the frame of sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying, how do we tackle structural, systemic and cultural barriers as a sector.

Session 9 - What Does it Take For Young Professionals to Succeed in the Public Sector?

At this special breakfast event, a range of public sector professionals shared how they navigated their careers and achieved success.

Session 10 - Why Does the Community Trust the Public Sector?

Reputational surveys tell us that trust in the public sector as an institution is higher than trust in government, at any level. We explored the reason behind this level of trust from practitioners, academics and advertising agencies; the importance of building a culture of integrity; and the detrimental effect that a lack of trust in government could have on public servants and the community.

Session 11 - IPAA Victoria - Who We Are, What We Are Producing, What We Mean to the Public Sector

Over the past few months IPAA Victoria has been reviewing its purpose, place and impact on and within the public sector. This session provided insights as to who IPAA Victoria is and its exciting future direction and priorities.

Session 12 - I Know the Public Sector, So Ask Me Anything

A diverse and impressive panel discussed the big issues they think are critical to the success to the future of the public sector.

Session 13 - What Does a High-Performing Leader Look Like in 2030?

Better leaders build a better public sector; but what does a ‘better’ leader look like in an ever-changing public sector? This session explored the theories, data and ‘light-bulb moments’ behind leadership in the public sector, its distinctly related qualities, and the qualities that a high-performing leader in 2030 will need to ensure success and better outcomes for the Victorian community.

Session 14 - Can the Public Sector Truly Collaborate and Be Innovative?

Some say the public sector does collaborate, some say it can’t or won’t. The same has been said about innovation. Where does the reality sit? We know people who work in the public sector work hard to make a difference to the community. This session explored the collaborative processes that the public sector has in place when exploring new ideas to help streamline ways of working and to better deliver outcomes to the community across Victoria.